„Creativity is an internal resource which every human being possesses.” (Eric Kandel)

The PAINTING WORKOUT addresses all kinds of entrepreneurs and organizations who want to offer their employees or their clients an adequate opportunity within their organizational setting:

  • to use painting as a means of coping with stress,
  • to re-discover the joy of creating,
  • to find a creative and joyful way to express the impressions made during the day or feelings,
  • to enhance their well-being, and
  • to strengthen their health.

Target groups are above all people who:

  • have always wanted to paint with acrylic color but feel insecure whether they are talented – by the way, you need not have a certain gift for painting, the only thing that matters is joy –
  • have already tried out painting and drawing and who would like to refresh their skills,
  • would like to re-discover their creativity.

The PAINTING WORKOUT addresses adults, adolescents and children.

:The participants get a lot of space, in order to:

  • to experiment and to learn simple techniques which they can further develop at home after the workout,
  • to create final results within a short period of time.

The only pre-condition for the participants is to bring some amount of joy as well as willingness to experiment.


  • Working materials are mainly acrylic colour, pencil and pastel chalk.
  • The PAINTING WORKOUT is living from the “interactivity” of the participants.
  • In being a ”coach” I offer a selection of inputs for free choice.

The participants are free to learn a basic knowledge of still life, portrait, free abstract painting, different painting techniques and basic knowledge concerning proportion, light and shadow.

Individual projects are possible.

  • “Co-creation”: Individual expectations are taken into consideration.
  • In general, the WORKOUT takes place for 2 hours once a week, 10 weeks in total. Individually negotiable.
  • The WORKOUTS are available for both individuals and groups.

Location: Within the organizational setting.

Material will be provided.

Please send your inquiries to