Artistic Research

“Healing Art – Painting as a means of coping with stress, especially for caregivers and medical staff”

This is a training concept which I submitted as thesis in order to get the diploma at the Vienna Health and Nursing School. In 2019, this paper won the first prize at the “Award for Professional Expertise” granted by the Vienna Group of Medical Centers and Clinics.

The main focus of this research is the current and urgent need for creating a means of coping with stress and enhancing health for caregivers and medical staff who are confronted with several challenges these days: An increasing life expectancy leads to an increase in chronic diseases, resulting in more work and time pressure. When writing this thesis, I was not able to anticipate the additional challenges caused by the Corona pandemic.

The main emphasis of this research is on professional caregivers, the results being applicable to all kinds of professions.

Several international studies show in their evidence-based results that painting, without a therapeutic purpose, is a reliable means of enhancing individual health as well as coping with and releasing stress. Personal resources, such as self-esteem, the ability to resolve problems, recreation and joy, as well as social resources, such as team work, cohesion and working atmosphere, can be significantly improved, thereby enhancing physical and mental well-being. In the long run, disease costs can be reduced and life quality can be increased.

A playful attitude and the focus on the process of creating can help to overcome personal inhibitions against painting.

I offer you to help implement the benefits of painting for your employees or clients. WORKOUT