Astrid Friedl, MSc, MA, R.N.

Born 1973 in Vienna, Austria, living and working in Vienna.

Study of Commercial Sciences at the University of Economics in Vienna (Master June 1996)

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Professors: Franz Graf, Elke Krystufek, Daniel Richter,
Harun Farocki (Master June 2010 Prof. Farocki)

Study of film and digital cinema at the Art Academy Hamburg, Professors: Werner Büttner, Robert Bramkamp, Wim Wenders

Nursing diploma course at the Vienna Health and Nursing School, Medical Center Favoriten (Diploma 2019)

A number of art classes organized by the Convent Geras,
Vienna Adult Education Centre: nude drawing, oil painting, life drawing, nude modelling

Private singing lessons
Training in breathing techn­iques and elocution

Several study trips abroad, New York, Hawaii, California, Cuba, Nicaragua, Florida, the Maldives, Spain, Stromboli, Naples, Marrakech,  several European (capital) cities, Jerusalem.