Artistic Statement

As visual and performance artist I am working with different kinds of media, ranging from painting, collage, sculpture, installation, photography and video.

I introduced the term “female knights” into my artistic portfolio. The concept of the “female knights” deals with questions of identity particularly with respect to gender-related stereotypes which I very much like to turn upside down.

In my early art works the ambivalence of self-image and being perceived by other people as well as the aspect of time are very important. I often use materials which are not directly associated with art herewith creating new perspectives and connections.

Apart from gender aspects my actual work is dealing with the definition of creating as such. I am linking terms such as origin, creation and medicine, as I am generating a new context by using non-art, medical as well as packing material of consumer products.

In this way I fathom the use of painting materials and image formats, at the same time redefining and crossing limitations of frames and terms such as “screen” as well as generating new “creations” and telling idiosyncratic stories.

Since 2018 I am doing research on the salutogenetic potential of painting, without a therapeutical purpose, as a means of improving health, coping with and preventing stress.